Little Red Riding Hood Has Some Secrets of Her Own

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The Final Edited Draft

It started to rain on me at several points, and the fog was unbelievable! But hey I loved how it gave an eerie sense to the pictures.

First I tried the property wall adjacent to the street, but I decided I didn’t like the background and I wanted to be closer to the fog.

I first tried it with the apron, but I decided it was to distracting. It’s really difficult to take self portraits because I always seem to end up making a funny face.

Until I finally got a shot that I liked! (As seen above).

Kitty RafikiI got really bored one day at home so I photoshopped my neighbors cat’s face onto mine. This all stemmed from the idea that I wanted to see my eyes in the darkness.

red hoodThe final product one last time.


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