Little Red Riding Hood Has Some Secrets of Her Own

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The Final Edited Draft

It started to rain on me at several points, and the fog was unbelievable! But hey I loved how it gave an eerie sense to the pictures.

First I tried the property wall adjacent to the street, but I decided I didn’t like the background and I wanted to be closer to the fog.

I first tried it with the apron, but I decided it was to distracting. It’s really difficult to take self portraits because I always seem to end up making a funny face.

Until I finally got a shot that I liked! (As seen above).

Kitty RafikiI got really bored one day at home so I photoshopped my neighbors cat’s face onto mine. This all stemmed from the idea that I wanted to see my eyes in the darkness.

red hoodThe final product one last time.

Sometimes You Just Have to Light Yourself on Fire

Call Me Katniss Everdeen

The Final Product: Call me Katniss Everdeen, or Joan of Arc your choice.

While I admit this was the most wonderfully satisfying photography “assignment” (considering the fact that I was burning a particularly nasty ex boyfriends shirt) I must warn that it was incredibly difficult and I am alive by sheer Irish luck. But I couldn’t resist, something about the first real snow storm just made me think, “hey, let’s set myself on fire”


The background.


To help me focus I used a chair in my house.


Then I checked it out on myself.




Without Edits.

Call Me Katniss Everdeen

And again with.


Glow In The Dark

IMG_9350First I worked with the paint myself.

IMG_9839While they were painting I took pictures of the black lights.

IMG_9844My wonderful friend Katherine helped me paint the ever lovely Rachel.

IMG_9848First we tried against the wall, but we decided it didn’t give the affect that we wanted.


So then we did an up close against my black drop to see what it looks like and decided to run with it!

IMG_9999 IMG_9996 IMG_9985 IMG_9982 IMG_9975 IMG_9962 IMG_9964 IMG_9967 IMG_9949 IMG_9934 IMG_9927

My feet and I are missing summer.

I took my brother to a beautiful pond in Andover. Little did he know I had more than just a nature walk in mind.IMG_9552

I borrowed him to help me with my concentrationIMG_9561 IMG_9568IMG_9595 IMG_9604

Let’s just say that my feet were incredibly cold. And I was sure wishing that I brought an extra pair of shoes and possibly some toe warmers.